Emergency Numbers

Emergency services 01293 501222 or 222

Report unattended items
Report dangerous situation/accidents
Report equipment faults
Internal Spills (South)
Internal Spills (North)
External Spills (Airside)
External Spills (Landside)

Responding to an incident... think response


Fire and evacuation information



Break glass at the nearest fire alarm point. Call Fire Service by dialling 222 on an internal line or 01293 501222 / 999 on a public line. State ‘Fire’ and give precise location.


Try to put out the fire ONLY if it is safe to do so, using the appropriate fire fighting equipment. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK!


Use the nearest available Emergency Exit route to the appropriate Assembly Point or Refuge Area or move to an area where the alarm is intermittent or silent.


  • Help the public to evacuate in an orderly manner.
  • Less mobile persons must be assisted to the nearest safe area such as an emergency exit stairwell or safe haven.
  • Listen carefully for public address announcements.
  • Do not use the lifts.
  • Immediately report any persons unaccounted for and the location of less mobile persons to the Fire officer or Assembly Point Marshall at the Assembly area.
  • Wait until the ‘all clear’ is given before returning


  • Act on the alarm bells
  • Do not telephone the Gatwick Control Centre for confirmation

False Fire Alarms

Every year false fire alarm activations and evacuations cost the Gatwick Airport Community time and money and impact negatively on the operational performance and reputation of the business. Safety of staff and passengers is a top priority for Gatwick and our focus needs to be on prevention and detection of real fires, not false ones.
Fire Alarms poster
Fire Alarm Fact Sheet

Security Information

Stay Safe - Firearms and Weapons attack


  • Run to a place of safety if you can
  • Can you get there without exposing yourself to greater danger?
  • Insist others leave with you
  • Leave belongings behind


  • If you cannot RUN, HIDE
  • It is better to hide than confront
  • Be quiet, silence your phone and turn off vibrate
  • Lock/barricade yourself in


  • Call 222 on an internal line or 01293 501222/999 on a public line

UNATTENDED ITEMS: lost... or suspicious?

  • Do not touch or move unattended items.
  • CONFIRM whether or not the item exhibits recognisably suspicious characteristics - think HOT
    • Is it HIDDEN? Has the item been deliberately concealed or hidden from view?
    • OBVIOUSLY suspicious? Does it have wires, batteries, tape or liquids visible?
    • TYPICAL? Is the item typical of what you'd expect to find in this location? If so ask if anyone has left the item.
  • If the item is assessed to be unattended call 1212 on an internal line or 01293 501212 on a public line.
  • If H-O-T leads you to believe the item is suspicious:
    • CLEAR from the immediate area - move people away to a safe distance.
    • COMMUNICATE - call 222 on an internal line or 01293 501222/999 on a public line.
    • CONTROL access to the area.

Refuge areas and assembly points


  • Minimise waste produced and re-use where possible.
  • Label and store waste to prevent spills and FOD.
  • Improve segregation and recycling of waste.
  • Minimise the risk of spills.
  • Report all spills to the numbers listed above and respond immediately.
  • Prevent spills from entering drains and dispose of appropriately.
  • Switch off equipment/lights if not needed and safe to do so.
  • Maintain a comfortable working temperature.
  • Support effecient energy use.
  • Report leaks/dripping taps.
  • Only use approved materials authorised by GAL.
  • Obtain GAL approval if activities may result in water discharges.
  • Be aware of wildlife at sensitive times of the year e.g bird nesting season.
  • Do your bit for wildlife and volunteer with Gatwick Greenspace Partnership.
  • If you have queries email hs&e@gatwickairport.com

The environment is central to our Decade of Change plan to be the UK's most sustainable airport. Click here for more on how we are progressing.

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